Sunday, 24 September 2017

Synchronized SFX Dicking Tracker 2000

Yo, how's it going. I meant to post last week, had a draft saved, didn't feel like I had enough to talk about, so here's both weeks in one. Hope you've been well.


I've come up with a system to measure the length of an animation in frames, which allows me now to change between speed loops seamlessly, provided the loops share a common frame, and to expand on this I can now assign sounds to individual frames of the animation based on these calculations, rather than my old method of recording a ¬3 second sound loop that I'd restart every time the loop started and just hope they stay in synch.

In short:
I managed to rig up seamless shifting between sex loops and a crude tracker-like sound engine for sex scenes.


Made some field recordings this week, mixed, mastered and added to the game. Added 235 new sound effects in the last 7 days. Sex scenes are sounding fucking KINO right now, and there's more to come.

Text Boxes:

Re-did all the text boxes, gave each major character their own color scheme. It's hard to get too excited about some new colors and slight transparency, but it's an improvement nonetheless.
Working on Portraits this weekend as well as general story progression. The level plays out pretty well and polished until the 50% mark right now, but gets pretty utilitarian after that. The meat and bones are both there, they just need assembling.

Made a change to how I store and retrieve text boxes and portraits, now storing them under character names and labeling them with the emotions conveyed rather than a numbering system for each.
This means I can set "Show "Cibil", Emotion "Sad" and tell at a glance in editor what I've set to appear, rather than "Show "1", Emotion "8" as before. Variables can hold Strings, who the fuck knew?


Portraits are up this week, as soon as I have whittled down the number I'll need to the minimum. Learned my lesson during the demo creation- it turns out that adding 2 or 3 variants of a smile takes something away from the feeling of abstract representation by adding too many slight variants.

One important development is that I've decided to discontinue the player-character portrait, as I feel it doesn't add anything valuable, and unnecessarily colors how the line is delivered.


Added two new tracks
and working on a third- a more upbeat version of the main theme.

That's all for now, have a great weekend!


  1. Sounds pretty good. I'm glad things are moving along somewhat steadily. Little disappointed about the removal of the protagonist portrait, though; I enjoyed that cheesy little smile he did in 1.2. Oh well.

  2. It's actually dangerous how much I'm looking forward to this my dude.

  3. Keep it up! So excited for this. Crazy how underrated this is.

  4. Can't wait for the new demo, It looks like you're getting better with your own style.

  5. Cheers man, really enjoyed the first demo going to keep supporting you for as long as I can.