Friday, 22 December 2017

1.3 has entered testing

Sorry it's been nearly 2 weeks again, I'm in super crunch to get 1.3 done. I wanted to get it out as a christmas present, but despite working single-mindedly on this outside of my job for the last few weeks (to the detriment of my surroundings, my office is 90% coke zero cans at this point) it's just not going to happen this side of christmas, sorry.

Here are a few things that'll need to be cut from the initial release in order to not spend a further month on it:
>Full Intro / End cutscenes
It'll likely have to be a couple of lines and a static image for now, but maybe this is okay, seeing as the intro / outro aren't likely to be that sexy
>Some minor sprite animations
Little things here or there, characters standing when they should be standing + typing, or sitting still, rather than emoting and drinking coffee idly.
>A second minigame
I made a really neat monster maze sort of arcade game which will be put into a later episode instead.  The work minigame in 1.3 is randomized / repeatable anyway [pictured below] so there's no need for a second.

>The Bonelord hidden micro game!
This one stings, but it'll have to be held back until 1.3.x, likely coming a couple of weeks later along with bugfixes.
>One side-character scene build-up:
The scene is still in, it just feels a little too "Hey we just met but I guess we're doing sex now XDD"
Ideally the scenario for this one scene would have a more believable arc, but then maybe it's refreshing in how uncomplicated and surefire it is, I dunno.

So if we can live without these things for a few weeks, I can get it out quicker. Let me know what you think, are any of these unacceptable? Worth holding out for?

On the plus side, here are some neat new things what I have gone and done:
- 2 new music tracks
- New H-scene UI and backgrounds with a marbled A E S T H E T I C
- Scenario 90% ready
- Replaced my automated prescribing system for maps to be more choosy, only reloading all assets when a transfer between rooms is made, not just when the map is reloaded (might not even be user-facing, but it fucked up everything enough internally that I'm just glad there's no chance of anybody at home replicating it)

I've now entered the phase where most of what I'm doing is testing, finding and fixing bugs. I did a start-to-finish playthrough last night, trying to play as a first-timer might and it took almost an hour to complete. If you're familiar with the scenario and fast forward through all text it's more like 15 minutes.

I can't wait to get this one out and start on scenario 2, which I'm still working out the plot details on but is fairly well developed, roughly storyboarded.
On vacation for the holidays now, I've promised to take the 24th and 25th off developing, but the rest of the time I'll be full steam ahead. Bugfixing, finishing, tying up loose ends.


Sunday, 10 December 2017

Low-spec interlude

Hey, checking in.

I've been working on narrative stuff, getting the last scene finished up and adding in the last misc art assets as I go. I still can't give a date, but it's looking good.
Took a week out of work to go back home, though still had a laptop for work. It was actually kinda nice, the lower spec from my usual dev machine made a couple of bugs / polish issues come to the fore which I'd not have seen otherwise, and the lower performance made me just stick to finding and fixing bugs to raise the overall polish level.

Nothing else to report. Nights are much darker, inside is much comfier. I hope you have the spirit this year. It's the first time in many years I've felt it.

Sunday, 26 November 2017



So it's been another productive weekend, here are some of the things I've added or fixed:

- Fixed hungry process needlessly monitoring weather every tick.
- Fixed hungry scene setting process which was listening every tick for changes in room (see below)
- Set up a proper script dominance hierarchy (roughly speaking) on the back of the changes above.
- Added new open-ended rauchy scene (another pretty big narrative block down)
- Implemented various smart caching...caches. Currently tied to maps, but will change over time to be map-agnostic.
- Fixed some conversation ordering to make some interesting lines prominent, not hidden away in choices nobody will make
- Removed some choices that offered very little and complicated the flow immensely

This was the big victory of today. While fixing a rare picture-layer based crash (due to a bug in the engine that's never going to be fixed) I took the time to create a proper hierarchy system to ensure things execute exactly in the order they're supposed to, instead of just roughly in the order they're supposed to.

Until now I'd been doing everything in-editor, but for this I actually made a plugin so it happens at the engine level and not as a result of listening and delayed by a frame, which caused some timing issues with scripts that wanted to run immediately.

Now every time I change map, there are switches set that run things and it goes kinda like this:


Change map
> Switch 1 turned on

Switch 1 activates scene-setting, music, images, everything needed for the room, turns on Switch 2 then kills itself.

Switch 2 activates initialization for the map, setting immediate conditions depending on the story point we're at, for example placing characters where they ought to be at this moment, turns on switch 3, then kills itself.

Switch 3 allows all the storyboarding to run only after the scene is set and all actors and conditions are in place.


All of this plays out in about 1 second, so it's great to have confidence now that these processes aren't all running together and overwriting each other:
Example from before: Scene setting deleted all images, potentially in the same tick that Init was trying to draw an image that Storyboard would then rely on. See the problem?

So until now I'd been running all of these simultaneously like an absolute tit, and it was a miracle everything worked as well as it did. I'm so glad I ran into a major bug with this, so that I couldn't handwave it any longer. Now everything works better than ever, it's just solid.

That's all for now, just checking in.
Here's something I was working on a couple of days ago.
I want to cut down on gifs in general because spoilers, but it's been a while so here's something.
I've partially censored it because this is a proper blog for good, upstanding people, I'm sure you understand.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

One year on

Hey, happy birthday Lateshifter.
My project files tell me I created this game on the 21st of November 2016, which we've just passed, so congrats, game. Get a job, already.

How Lateshifter looked one year ago.

REALLY SHIT. Thought it might be fun to look back at just how shitty things looked back then.
Are you ready for MIXELS? Blocky outlines? ZERO animation? I sure am.

So this here's a cap from the oldest version I have in my backup repository; December 6th, 2016, and about shows you where we were at.

Yeah, well, we were all nooblets, once.
That said, a lot of these tiles actually made it into the demo virtually unchanged in April.

Note the clock in the upper left. I was trying to go for a scheduled NPC system like Elder Scrolls or something, where they'd just go about their lives and when the moons aligned you could catch them alone and do lewd stuff. It was originally going to just be an overnight perverted salaryman simulator.

In this version there was nothing animated besides some horrific walk cycles, and all erotic content was in the form of clumsy descriptions and text-only scenarios playing out.
The only standout ones were:

>Taking co-worker lunch from refrigerator, jizzing in it and putting it back
>Watching her then eat it
>Using a screwdriver to remove the fastened roll holder between bathroom stalls to make a gloryhole
>Taking a confiscated onahole from a locker in the IT room, putting it into the hole so you could... sort of bang the hole and jizz on anybody in the next stall.

The original name at this time was lateshift, but then I found out there was a sort of FMV game released the same year with that title and I'd already started a blog by time I realized, so the name changed a little and I stuck with it.
It's basically fine, it's sort of like your own name, you don't use it nearly as much as anybody else does.

How Lateshifter looks now:

Things have improved a bit in the last year, I'm slowly learning how to art, a little at a time.

New this week:

Made some more NPCs interactive
Added a 2-in-1 deluxe scene.
Changed some early, untouched sprites to better match the final character appearance.
Changed menu system to show options as solid or greyed out, rather than uncertain toggles.
Made changes to music so tracks loop better.
Tied music to scene-setting in a way that makes it resumable when turning music back on.
Made some quality of life menu changes, blocked it during certain events to avoid mad bugz.
Fixed a horrific chronological bug where a parallax map that didn't exist yet was marked for deletion.
Fixed all H-Scene sound to be louder as part of an audio normalization pass.

That's all from me for now, I've been a bit quiet lately because I don't want to pad this gap between builds any more than I have to. Working hard every day, count on it.

Thanks for reading,

Monday, 13 November 2017

Edging closer to release

Hurr, get it because porn game.

Hey, how's it going, just checkin' in on you.
I've been quiet the last couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working, just I haven't had anything fun or clever to say.
I still don't, but it's been two weeks so here we fucken go.


I've been writing the bulk of the narrative these last two weeks, replacing my placeholder branching story skeleton that's served so well these last couple of months, and it's been really quite fun! Considering narrative stuff was my least favorite part in the past, this is quite a win for me.

It's not that I don't like writing, it's just that it's not as instantly gratifying as animation, sound, music or scripting is, but once you have it all done and you can navigate through conversations with different characters and pick out little habits or ways of looking at things the individuals have, it's pretty cool.

I've given some of the side characters much more personality than they had. Previously just filling an archetype or job role, I hope I've made them much more fun to interact with.

I've now completed two of the big four narrative blocks in the level, the remaining two being (hopefully) much less complicated.

Bug fixing, general script-strengthening:

Because I started writing this level a few months ago and I've improved a lot in that time, it became necessary to fix, streamline and replace a few story mechanics. For example, I have a character who walks around in the background. She changes between computers, gets up from her desk, walks around looking at an assortment of machines and taking readings from some of them with a clipboard, then goes back to her desk and continues working. This was previously accomplished with 3 or 4 flags to create a crude-as-fuck state machine, and was prone to a bunch of problems. (If you happened to leave the room while she was making her rounds or taking notes, she'd get into a logic problem on your return and wouldn't spawn.

Now all that behavior is controlled with a single variable to denote states. It seems so obvious to me now, but this working out so well made me then change all incidental NPC movement and scheduling over to this system (including one innocuous-seeming section that actually has 6 different outcomes afecting lots of movement scripting, a real fucking headache).
This allowed me to put in lasting, rock-solid scheduling for all my NPCs. It just works™️ and I'm super happy about it.

TODO For the next week:
Pretty much more of the same from these last couple of weeks. More writing, more fixing, more consolidation.

I want to add in another minor side-character when I have time, and I've gotten together at least half of the assets for that.  I think from now on I want the player to be able to get into a sex scene within the first few minutes of any level if they are looking for that. It's cool when people want to get invested in the characters and context, but I also know I'm not Charles Dickens, and that nobody came here to read a novel. So when I get time, or need to step back from narrative work, I'll be animating a scene or two this week.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sound synching Pt. II

Hey, good to see you.

Audio synch:
I've spend the weekend and last couple of evenings working on my little audio engine to synchronize sound to the action onscreen. Came up with a much more human-readable solution that means I can add sound to a scene in a matter of about 30 minutes, provided I have the sounds at hand, that is.
I've not really released any audio, usually sticking to gifs. You'll have to trust me when I say it sounds the tits right now.

Spent some time at the weekend making more field recordings for sound effects, adding a further 99 since last time, for a total of 381 new sounds since April (not counting music or background tracks).
This should be enough for now, though I am looking forward to recording for sword fights and dungeon ambience for the microgame. I'm thinking table knives and a leaking faucet, gravel footsteps etc. Also noticed my dishwasher sounds cool as fuck when I overload and run it, kinda a creepy LOST hatch vibe, so I'll be recording some of that for the 1.4 scenario (Spoilers).

- I've added some juice to the Hentai minigame itself to make it more fun to interact with.
- Added a couple of new options to the menu, changed it around a little
- Fixed an old mechanic that was broken by debug measures I took one time about 3 months ago.
- Added an extra scene, then felt bad about it all week, because it was not part of the release plan. (b..but I just want to make it nice for you, anon)

I've also started backing up a cloud service now, as if my current regime wasn't paranoid enough.

I used to only back up the game files themselves, but the more time I put into this, the more precious I get about it. This is 10 months of my life I'll never get back, so I'd better fucking look after it.

1.3 News:
Back in September I swore to myself I would work every hour I could in order to release 1.3 on Halloween. Here I am, on Halloween, having worked every hour I possibly could since and I'm still not ready. I am sad, but not demotivated. If anything I'm gonna work harder, but I'm also not going to set myself dates to feel bad by.
I was tempted to take the last week out and just get a rough draft of the microgame out since it's pretty halloween-friendly, in a DeCap Attack / Masters of the Universe: Skeletor Gaiden sort of way, but decided against it. I didn't want my first release in over 6 months to be a half-finished small game in a totally different theme to Lateshifter. Doesn't look good, y'know?

No other news, really. I didn't take note of all the small fixes and additions I made today, but there were many. An anon gave me advice to hold back on releasing new visual stuff until I have a trailer together and I think this is sound advice. I don't want the trailer to be just full of stuff everybody who cares has already seen. Hopefully my dry, sexless words are proof enough that I'm working.
No zero days, no exceptions or excuses.

Over and out,

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Roadmap + user suggestions implemented!

Demo to version 1.3:
So it's been over 6 months now since I released anything new to public, and I wanted to state that optimistically, this is a one-time setup period for the project and not a sign of the way things are going to be going forward.
I needed this 6 months to create my own framework in the engine to support the modules I'll be releasing over the coming months.
When 1.3 is released, the groundwork will have been laid and from then my workload ought to be 90% animation, audio, scripting and writing, like a regular, sane wegdev.

Correcting for my optimism, once all these systems are in place, the time between 1.3 and 1.4 ought to be about 2 months (initial storyboarding for the next scenario is in place) and I'd like this to be a sustainable, working cycle for the next year+.

Defining project success:
Since it's important to define success so I can know when I've failed; success to me means within the year making around 3000USD a month in order to quit my average-income job and do this exclusively. I'd be open to the idea of making half that and moving someplace with cheaper cost of living, but I have commitments that keep me stationary for the foreseeable future.
The other side of this coin is simply; if financially it's not happening 12 months from now, I'll accept it and cut back to hobby-level in order to spend more time IRL, as two 40-hour jobs won't be sustainable for longer than a further year.

So I've been working around a particular system for a while and coming up against its hard limitations in the last couple of days has spurred me to just fix it once and for all.
I was previously using a system where certain keys were mapped to common events, like the arrow keys and spacebar in H-mode; it was a way of giving them another job other than moving the character around or navigating menus.
The problem with this is the plugin I'd been using to accomplish this set them to this new job by default, and so I had to keep manually setting arrow keys to return to controlling movement.
As an added side effect, this is also the reason why in the demo you can't use keys Z and X and probably a few others as part of the character naming process. Whatever, a bit of a pain but no big deal, right?

Thing is, this caused problems when, for example, loading my Esc menu in a H-scene where I'd have to hotswap between button functionality to make the menu usable, then back again to make sure the H-play picks up where the menu ends without gap. There were so many conditionals to what should behave how, where and for how long.

I've gotten rid of it entirely, and married it up with my previously-mentioned positional system where I track the player room and make systems work differently depending. Now I don't need to manually set keys to behave as they should, I just have a simple group of checks that say "If the player is in a hentai scene and the Escape menu is closed, have arrow keys behave this way" and "at all other times behave normally".

It's not really a massive change, it took about 30 minutes to implement and the game doesn't feel any different afterward, but it's another massive load off my mind, I no longer have to worry about swapping functionality and it's one less authoritarian overarching process correcting everything every tick or few ticks. I now just have a set of conditional guidelines handled automatically with smart, minimalist rules for all situations.
My logic is the more fixes or systems like these I have in place, the quicker I can iterate and release new scenarios.

For the last 3 days I've been fixing up and outputting files for all the main sex scenes that'll be in this latest release:

8 scenes*:
6 regular scenes:
One position, 4 speed animations, 5 variant endings

2 deluxe scenes:
Three positions, 4 speed animations each, 5 variant endings each

*This does not include the 4-scene hidden microgame and 3 to 4 incidental side character (Cybil-tier) scenes that'll be added after the initial release. Initial 1.30 release will be main character routes, but there should be around 15 full animated scenes in total by time this scenario is completed

Suggestions made manifest:
I've talked about the upcoming AUTO mode before, but not sure I've shown it, so I've made a little gif to show it off, along with a couple of other suggestions:

AUTO: Just as it sounds, adds an automatic mode which defaults to building your meter, but pressing arrow keys UP or DOWN once will start the meter moving in that direction. This means you can just leave it and watch the scene play out hands free, or use minimal input to 'edge' in a high-speed sweet spot to maximize the JIZZOMETER.

Escape menu
: Now hitting Escape brings up a neat menu, though it does not pause the game. I've decided against that functionality for now simply because with RPGMV is far too easy to fuck up scripts by pausing them partway through, same problem as saving mid-level. There are too many background processes that don't behave 100% correctly if interrupted and restored midway through.

Control guide: Now hitting [F1] while in the Escape menu will show controls relevant to the scene you are in:
If you are in regular play, it'll tell you how to control Anon.
If you are in H-Mode, it'll tell you how to build the meter, switch between scenes and climax.
If you are in a minigame, it'll remind you of the game rules.

I'm considering adding in a "Hint" menu using the same logic some time in the future, where it'll tell you what you ought to do depending on your place in the current scenario.

That's all from me, let me know what you think about anything here in the comments below- it's anonymous, no signup required, so post away. I'll give answers where I can!

Oko x

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Patreonocalypse Now


If you haven't heard, many /weg/ devs got up this morning to suspended accounts as Patreon got a little tighter on what's allowed; adding the super-popular incest genre and an expanded definition for non-con to their list of double-plus-ungood things they've deemed unsuitable for our eyes.

I've not been hit, and have taken compliance steps on Patreon to ensure I won't be, just to be safe.

I'm not big on censorship, but I am big on following the rules. It's a complicated kind of feel.

I don't have any incest stuff, it doesn't interest me at all, but the implication that all sex needs to now be explicitly consensual does kinda limit storytelling. I've already gotten over separating the horrible IRL crime from the harmless fictional depiction.

I enjoy a bit of FPS once in a while, and I recognize the difference between a war game and real people dying in mass numbers.
It sucks that war, rape, betrayal, thievery, hate etc exist. It super sucks. How does including these elements in fiction cause real world harm?

They're just stories with varying outcomes, so I feel Patreon are drawing a line arbitrarily to avoid headaches. Hey, it's their house.

There's actually not any offending content in Lateshifter at time of writing (all demo assets have been stripped and replaced over time in a Ship of Theseus sort of way), but just the idea that I'm not supposed to now add X or Y if I suddenly feel the need rustles my jimmies pretty hard.
I've gone and made all Patreon posts Patron-only as a precaution.

Anyway, it seems devs are having their pages reinstated when removing offending words and tags related to the offenses. Whether or not they are also making commitments to remove offending content remains to be seen.
There are a hell of a lot bigger devs than me this directly affects, not meaning to take it too personally, it's just been an 'interesting' development.

I hope this gets sorted out.


Progress report:

This week:
- Added Scenario selection screen
- Finished 50% of the large conversational content
- Added a new H-Scene from scratch
- Created some promo art for the upcoming release
- Created some music for the upcoming trailer
- Added some background sprite wandering and details to quieter sections for TECHNOLOGY fans like myself

This weekend:
- CG Creation for promo and in-game reward
- Hooking up new H-Scenes
- Adding 3 new H-Scenes
- Finishing the bulk of narrative content

Friday, 13 October 2017

Wordcount + Complexity

I may have given the impression in a previous post that the conversational complexity will be lessened, but I wanted to assure anybody concerned;
I've just finished writing one conversation scene with a little over 3,000 words.

It branches off quite far, but there are funnel points, so that the main story beats are covered, but the outcome can obviously still differ based on your responses.
I've made it more difficult to fuck up or get a bad ending than before, but it's still possible. You just need to try to be an asshole (if that's your sort of thing) and you shouldn't ever get tricked into a HATE NEWSPAPER scenario with choices, either.

It's kinda neat, so far. The conversation itself realistically only takes about 3 or 4 minutes to read through, but playing it again with different choices does feel different and nice, which I think is key when making a bank of these smaller, repeatable scenarios.

I've taken to writing a lot of the game dialogue during my lunch hour at work, since it's the only way I can work on my game inconspicuously in broad daylight around real people.
Then in the evenings I need to transcribe, iterate and add emotes, portraits etc. Ideally this lets me squeeze in an extra 5 hours of writing a week, and frees up my evenings and weekends a little to allow for more animation and scripting work instead. I wish I'd started doing this months ago.

It's coming along. Tonight's work is entering and scripting the conversation branches, tomorrow after work I'll be tweaking portraits and animating the scene further, by which point 2/5 main story sections for this scenario will be fully complete, basically in release condition.

That's it for tonight. Thanks for reading.

Monday, 9 October 2017

NaN Reasons why Lateshifter will be better in future!

Reflecting today on lessons learned, the changes made and how it's going to affect development.

Warning and apology: Lots of sexless text ahead.

I learned a lot making the demo, primarily what stuff takes most time, what people like, what they don't like, how much of what I think would be cool and special is actually just annoying or unnecessary!

Things I know for sure from feedback:
Stuff I did to make the game behave differently was received fairly badly at times, which is fine- people just wanted to be able to turn those things off or avoid them, which I've implemented;

>slow movement speed

Totally understand this. You had to hold shift to move faster, even in minigames, and I didn't point this out or add an ALWAYS RUN option.

>the time delays with typing sounds to simulate proper IM chatting was slow and annoying, prevented skipping through dialogue, 

This was kinda legacy because the game was originally going to be a modern office setting where much of it would play out in simulated IM chats. I wanted there to be the same tension you get waiting for a reply being typed IRL, but this fell flat in practice, people just didn't like it the way I did it.

>drugging / forcing wasn't received too well

This one surprised me most, because I set out to make something like my Japanese rapelay games and actually thought options to do taboo or illegal stuff would scratch an itch you wouldn't get from regular dating games. It seems from feedback that people prefer consent given, even in a convenient likes-you-for-seemingly-no-reason way, to sex taken from the heroine in a plausible but despicable way.

>anal fixation wasn't received super well
I wasn't too surprised with this one. People like regular intercourse, and I didn't deliver it.
I could spin some bullshit about how I wanted to communicate the Lateshifter's sexual frustration by withholding vaginal intercourse from the player, but I honestly just found anal scenes to be more aesthetic at the time.

>the stamina game is annoying because it requires 2 hands (actually only 2 fingers, git gud fgt):
I Have No Free Hand And I Must Fap. This one I totally understand and was something I wanted to do for the demo but couldn't figure out how. Now that I've changed the system behind the scenes, it's been trivial to add in a semi-auto feature that doesn't just plow from 0 to 100 in 10 seconds in a linear fashion.
The way the auto-game builds up in intensity makes the scene play out pretty well, and it's semi-auto because the player chooses the direction- either begin building stamina with UP, or begin decrease with DOWN and the computer does the work for you. Defaults to UP at the beginning of the scene, but means that if you are willing to put in a small amount of work to stay in the sweet zone, you can quickly build up the Jizz-o-meter before the finish if you're as into ridiculous cum firehose crescendos in your vidya as I apparently am.

Things I'm assuming few did or noticed because I heard no or few comments on:

>Reading Heroine's chatlogs

Never got comments on this, but it's not the most remarkable part. It's just one of the ways you can find out she was groped if you shut down all her explanations until that point.
The way they talk about you in the chatlog changes depending on how you spoke to the heroine earlier in the night.
>Tittyfucking Cybil
This sort of required you to pick an option that didn't obviously end up in immediate sex. The sort of thing that could only exist in a demo or as an easter egg.
>Rubbing it in Bern's face that you were about to titfuck Cybil
This was just a stupid little thing, not sure why I added it.
>The holocards
To my knowledge, only one or two anons actually quested to catch 'em all.
>Dialogue with Heroine for the whole night colored by early interactions
Most of the dialogue with her changes over the course of the night depending on how you behave toward her. If you are nice, she's nicer, if you are a bit of a jerk, she's colder and flat out insults you.

Take-away and things to consider:

There's no real urgency in making multiple variations on every bit of dialogue tied to your word choice or tone. It's not normal to have word choice block off or alter the story, and I thought this was an immersion-breaking problem in game narrative I was challenging by going off-piste.
I get it now, there's a logic to game worlds that enhance player experience and part of that is allowing the player to act out things without necessarily 'punishing' them for it by mirroring the sort of reception and lasting impression of you that kind of talk would garner IRL.

Game logic: Insult somebody and they get momentarily angry and insult you back, but then the score is settled and the game continues.
Real life logic: Insult somebody and if they just met you, they will think of and treat you differently from now on.

The lesson here is to just get with the program.

If people are replaying, it's probably a faster run to see the other H-Scenes, not a committed 2nd play to see if the game plays differently when you pick other options.

The holocards are a lot of work for an incidental pickup (they are unlocked after an H-Scene which is its own reward) and don't add that much value to the replay in/of themselves for this reason.
They are a kinda nice way to generate more shiny art, but they're not exactly fappable, and as such the time investment : fapworthy ratio is off and they likely won't return.

Fictional anal rape is way not cool, man. People want to see more consensual vaginal intercourse, so I'm gonna have to concede and place at least an equal focus on that.
It seems the objection is mainly to forced content the player feels is hard to avoid, so while non-con roleplay will still exist, it'll be something you'll need to put more deliberate effort toward.
Also adding an option to disable it entirely, so those options won't even show up.

The way I was adding switches for everything and conditional branches based on this was dumb and error-prone. That's it, really. It was dumb, it was easy to fuck up the flow and a lot of workaround was needed to make the demo playable fully for a second time on the same save file.

There's probably more, maybe I'll do another one of these after 1.3.
I'm actioning a lot of the points people raise, but I will mainly be adding in switches or toggles to disable content and won't be actively removing things I still personally like.

TL; DR -  I am taking criticism seriously and will address anything that gets a lot of feedback.
I'm adding optional toggles to remove things least liked, because it's simple and helps others enjoy the game, but if I still like the thing, I won't remove it entirely.

This image is for good boys who read the blog post. You no read, you no look!!! Ok Praise Jesus

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Graphic week

Aaaawww yeah.

With the exception of some hours of dialogue writing and the work that comes with implementing that, this week is for the most part going to be about animation; tidying up and bringing into line existing stuff from the last couple of months, as well as some all-new scenes.

I don't want to spoiler everything I've been doing, but here's a teaser.
1.3 is really starting to come together now.

Hope this weekend is being good to you,

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Bust overhaul

This'll be the last I talk about busts for a little bit because it's getting to be less hilarious with time.

I love tits
, is the upshot.

Tonight I implemented a cool little system to fade between the animated faces. Still tweaking the time to fade between them but happy enough for now- it's less instant than the gif makes out.

For now I'm just continuing with the dialogue. It's getting pretty well-structured, with a lot of branching and converging that hopefully feels more 1990 Lucasarts than Bioware.
That is to say, there should be value in playing through a conversation again and choosing a different branch or topic in the style of say, Monkey Island 2, and not the super-efficient infodump you'd get in Mass Effect or similar, where there's no real reason to talk to people more than once.

That's not to rag on them, just to point out the direction I'm going. It'd be pretty cavalier to get on my high horse about game design when I just use minigames and existential monologues to punctuate my crude puns and ass sex.

For serious, though, I fucking LOVE working on this game. If Patreon ever took root for me, I'd do this 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for half of my current salary.

Anyway, that's enough shitposting from me.
Thanks for reading.
PS. Just surpassed 40,000 blog views since the start of the year. Pretty neato, mang.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

New Busts

Hey, here's what I've been working on today.

Busts, hurr.

Been working on new portraits / busts this evening. Think I'm getting the hang of making subtler expressions and avoiding overlap or needless variations on the same emotion. I have 9 for this character done and ready to be added in-game. In the coming days I'll be doing the other characters in turn.
I'm really enjoying practicing backgrounds and adding movement to these scenes. It's not perfect, could use a more subtle hand, but I was an absolute pixel art beginner when I started development last December, so I'm happy enough with my current level.

UI Tweaks:

Also touched up the Choices UI, giving it a pretty cool prompt node on the left hand side, which flashes when selected and is overall much nicer and more subtle than the old flashing bar under the selected line.

I'm spent. Gonna hit the hay and get back on this after work tomorrow.
Not sure if I'll make a habit of updating every day, but I figure I've a bit of absence to make up for, and it's kinda fun keeping an itemized list of what I'm fixing or implementing or creating as I go.

Hope you're well,
Your friend always, Oko

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Refactoring, automating, stability


Redid character voices, added nice new ones which are far less grating and are just plain tits by comparison.

Changed player location tracking system to dramatically cut down on manually scripting work and the bugs that come with that. Now automatically gather player location type, specific location, indoor/outdoor and room tracking within a location.

Was able to free up 20+ flags and a lot of headaches wondering if I set the right flags for the room the player would be entering etc.

Added weather effects, it now rains when I'd like it to, which is pretty neat.

Added HUD fading based on the same synch logic from sex scenes.
If the player has no item or verb highlighted, the hud will fade out after a few seconds.

Added some more debug to help find problems quicker during tests.
Fixed that fucking annoying bug I've had since February, where text boxes would change color as they close. Found an elegant, lasting solution that just looks way better.

That's all for this weekend. Wish I had some sexier pics to show off; I'll have to prioritize that for next time. A couple of days of sex scenes and cum animations or something.

I'm out- have a good one.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Synchronized SFX Dicking Tracker 2000

Yo, how's it going. I meant to post last week, had a draft saved, didn't feel like I had enough to talk about, so here's both weeks in one. Hope you've been well.


I've come up with a system to measure the length of an animation in frames, which allows me now to change between speed loops seamlessly, provided the loops share a common frame, and to expand on this I can now assign sounds to individual frames of the animation based on these calculations, rather than my old method of recording a ¬3 second sound loop that I'd restart every time the loop started and just hope they stay in synch.

In short:
I managed to rig up seamless shifting between sex loops and a crude tracker-like sound engine for sex scenes.


Made some field recordings this week, mixed, mastered and added to the game. Added 235 new sound effects in the last 7 days. Sex scenes are sounding fucking KINO right now, and there's more to come.

Text Boxes:

Re-did all the text boxes, gave each major character their own color scheme. It's hard to get too excited about some new colors and slight transparency, but it's an improvement nonetheless.
Working on Portraits this weekend as well as general story progression. The level plays out pretty well and polished until the 50% mark right now, but gets pretty utilitarian after that. The meat and bones are both there, they just need assembling.

Made a change to how I store and retrieve text boxes and portraits, now storing them under character names and labeling them with the emotions conveyed rather than a numbering system for each.
This means I can set "Show "Cibil", Emotion "Sad" and tell at a glance in editor what I've set to appear, rather than "Show "1", Emotion "8" as before. Variables can hold Strings, who the fuck knew?


Portraits are up this week, as soon as I have whittled down the number I'll need to the minimum. Learned my lesson during the demo creation- it turns out that adding 2 or 3 variants of a smile takes something away from the feeling of abstract representation by adding too many slight variants.

One important development is that I've decided to discontinue the player-character portrait, as I feel it doesn't add anything valuable, and unnecessarily colors how the line is delivered.


Added two new tracks
and working on a third- a more upbeat version of the main theme.

That's all for now, have a great weekend!

Friday, 8 September 2017


Made the most fun upgrade to a key system in a while and I'm eager to share it:

Before in H-Gameplay we had the blinking cursor up and down telling you to hammer those keys.
Each time you did so you'd add +1 to your stamina bar until you reached the top, and if you were lucky the scenes changed at the around 25, 50 and 80 stamina points to get faster as you neared the end. This was cool and all, but I think I've made things better.

First of all, rather than one position at 3 speeds, certain scenes will be DELUXE (currently thinking two expanded encounters like this per level), and will have 3 to 4 positions at 4 speeds each, as well as end scenes to each, and using the aforementioned JIZZOMETER, this also means 3 or 4 varied endings. As you can imagine this is a lot of work, but it's so damn satisfying.

WIP showing off a Deluxe scene and the new transitions

About the new system:

My system now recognises the speed at which you are pressing UP/DOWN and raises or lowers your speed accordingly, and as such the speed of the animation. This isn't like changing the speed on a flash loop, either, with the same number of frames just being played quicker and going from 30fps to 60 (how sexy)! Each postion has 4 distinct animations with varied thrusts, depth and sometimes reaction...

She's such a nice girl, anon, don't treat her this way.

I had to experiment with weighting in the end to make sure the speed, and as such the animation, didn't change every couple of seconds as it did when I just used the raw data (time between button presses) to determine scene choice. It was chaotic, the animation restarting before it could complete made everything jerky and unenjoyable.

Now it's fairly simple, if you start to drop in speed for 12 consecutive button presses, your speed will lower, ditto if you speed up, raising or lowering until reaching the category your average speed is in.
Higher speed charges your JIZZOMETER faster, but also charges stamina quicker, so just like in real life, if you go too hard at it, you're gonna need to slow down, stop moving and think about Chandler's knees if you want to postpone the finale.

Of course if you don't feel like doing any of this, or maybe you want to fap in peace without being betrayed by clicking and clacking, I'm adding a semi-handsfree H-Game mode, that starts and stops charging with a single button press each.

UI upgrades:

As well as changing the systems, I added scene transitions bringing you into H-scenes and switching between the Left and Right scenes. You can see the latter of these changes in the top gif above.

That's it from me, it's been a week of mostly animating (Six four-stage animations making up most of two deluxe scenes), and I don't want to just show all the content because that'd spoil all the surprise!
After tonight I'll be back to working on the scripting for the main story, filling in sprite animations and beginning to fill out the text. I hope the weekend treats you well, have a good one!

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Rotoprogress and Hentai tweaks: High-impact sexual dialog edition

 Art update:

As I'd hoped last time, this week I've gotten a lot of the base level scripting out of the way; the level itself can be completed from start to finish, albeit with a lot of placeholder dialog to fill in later.
I'm keeping the script ajar in case a neat animation idea builds upon it.

Because I managed to get done what I hoped for this week, and a little more, I've decided to reward myself with a couple of days of animating sex scenes, since they're easily my favourite part.
I've also re-done the level art to remove the previous comic-line outlined assets and replace them with nicer, better shaded and outline-free stuff.

I'm not exactly the best in the rotoscope business, but comparing my work from January:

To my stuff from this week:

I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along.
Really looking forward to finishing 1.3 and getting it out there.

Additional changes:

Some changes to H-gameplay also;
So the original H-""""game"""" was a button-mash until complete, letting you rest then and hit space at your leisure to finish. Not bad, but feels a little pointless I guess.
So I've added a couple of mechanics to this to make it feel worthwhile sticking around in scenes to grind a little before the end:

Dialog plays during scenes:

depending on the girl and her personality or how she feels about the player. These are just to add a little player encouragement.

>tfw qt3.14 synthetic waifu calls your name during sex
>"harder anon"


These are currently set to once every 10 seconds or so, and change depending on how close you are to finishing, and doesn't feel too spammy, but in case you disagree I'll add an option to turn them off.

New Gauge:
Without wanting to be crude, it's essentially a JIZZOMETER.

You charge it throughout the game by choosing perverted lines of dialogue or taking lewd actions, unlocking / viewing CGs and generally charges throughout sex scenes, giving the player some reason to want to savour scenes.
The higher this Meter3 gauge is, the more mess you're going to create when you purge the meter by slamming that space bar at the end of sex scenes.
A lot of us play these games to edge, so why not let the PC do the same and have this influence the end result?

WIP Scene showing Dialog and Meter functions

That's it from me, my dudes.
Hope you're having a good weekend. Take it easy.


Sunday, 27 August 2017

>It's an apology episode + new narrative system

Thought it best to check in as I've been pretty quiet.
I take a "no zero days" approach to this, so even if I'm late home from a 14 hour shift at my IRL job (AAA studio, in crunch to release military console shooter #4534) I still try to get at least an hour in-project. I am working on this every day, it will come out.

I'd like to apologise for the delay in getting this next episode out.
The only excuse I can offer is that the demo was very much jury-rigged together; it was my first real project and I took a lot of shortcuts, not thinking about long-term usability.

Logical, re-usable systems

Transitioning from having no logical system in place to a well-structured main game framework required a LOT of refactoring, and things like standardising the narrative system.

I've come up with a new technique of controlling the narrative with Acts and Chapters, which means a lot less playtesting is necessary on the narrative flow.
I'll still be testing it, but everything is very neat now and I can easily now tell at a glance if something is going to work in game or not.

Old method:
[Play Scene A where player arrives]
[If Scene A is active and Player is sitting: Play scene B]
[If Scene B is active and Player is in roomX but doesn't yet have a screwdriver and is wearing a blue dress: Play scene C]

A pretty convoluted mess at times, with a lot of room for error and conditions I didn't plan for.
Time to script, test and bugfix: ¬30 to 45 minutes
Ease of reading in editor: Fucking impossible

New method:
[Act1, Subchapter 1: Play scene where player arrives, terminating in SC2]
[Act1, Subchapter 2: Wait for player to be within 3 squares of these coords, then move to SC3]
[Act1, Subchapter 3: Play scene B, terminating in SC4]
[Act1, Subchapter 4: Wait for player to have both the blue dress and screwdriver, then move to SC5]
[Act1, Subchapter 5: Play scene C, terminating in SC6]

More steps, seemingly, but very regimented alternating between scripted scenes and free-play areas.
Time to script, test and bugfix: ¬15 minutes
Ease of reading in editor: Fucking A+ would wife


Level 2 release date - Oko realises that a game is more than maps and UI:

I really want to get the new version out. People have been really good and understanding but it's been 4 months, and I'm just as impatient as those waiting since April.

I spent a lot of time on UI, music and expanding the city, adding in little systems or improvements to mechanics, but realised a few weeks ago that what I really need to do is actually finish the next level, since without that, nobody is actually going to see the improvements.

So in that regard, I've been remiss, and I apologise. I am working to make up for 'lost time'.

The narrative has been written and finalized, scripting of the level itself (how it plays out) is about 75% done.

By end of work today I'm hoping I'll be much nearer to technical completion, and then I can focus on the art and sound as dessert, since those are easily my real passion.

So in the next few weeks I'll be:

- Finishing all level scripting
- Finish Artwork, animations and H-scenes
- Playtest, fix bugs and add juice where things don't feel right

Once complete:
- Create promo materials, trailer
- Release to Patrons

1 week later:
- Release to Public

As always, working hard, eager to get this out to you guys.
Have a good weekend.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Maschinette Style-A

Saturday, 22 July 2017

The Pink Zone + Subway system

Pink Zone, Pink District. Customers gather outside a popular business in the area.

I've been working on City areas to explore, and a rail network to take you between stations.
As cool as the whole mechanics of the trains running are- pulling into stations, loading and unloading, announcements, Tokyo-style theme songs unique to each station, getting underway again- I'm sure waiting ¬10 seconds between trains will rustle a few jimmies, so as usual with the simulationist aspects, I'll add an option to switch it off, instant travel or something.

The stations, in one cumbersome picture file because trying to arrange multiple pictures on blogger would make a saint rage uncontrollably.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Update: Pinsaro+

Hey, it's been a month since I posted here, apologies.

Here's a small preview of what I've been working on for the last week and the work I did the week before.

Last week:
Added new menu, which I'll soon be polling for options I can add based on your experience with the demo and other games.
Started work on a new way of handling music, and some new tracks to go with that.
Added a new mini game to represent work, which I think is pretty fun and addictive- this will get its own post soon!

This week:
Started work on the city outside of the player apartment and office settings. First up is the as-yet-untitled "Pink Salon".
For anybody not aware, these are establishments that exist in Japan and other countries, essentially blowjob bars, and I thought it'd make a cool replacement for the VCR system of revisiting unlocked scenes shown in the demo.

So maybe once you unlock a new scene with a new Heroine, a new performer will start at the club. Are they perhaps cyborgs filled with the extracted data of your previous conquests? Find out more later!