Monday, 13 January 2020


This is gonna be your year, you have to believe it.
It's gonna be mine, too, we're both going to make it, anon.

A seriously good week.

I love self-discipline, and I wouldn't be enjoying life so much if I hadn't been hard on myself until this point. There's a lot made about working hours and conditions and muh mental health in games. I spent 6 years working in legit AAA, games that statistically you likely own, so I know all about crunch, and despite the recent narrative about burnout and WORK BAD, I am really grateful for it.

Some of the best years of my life were spent slamming 12+ hour days for 30 days in a row without a day off. Good people working hard on great games, sleeping under desks during lunch, taking 2am smoke breaks with custodial staff, falling into an expense-paid taxi at 7am, taking a tour of the town as businesses start to open. It was magic and it was brutal, and I think everybody should experience it once.
That said, a guy I used to work with gave up 2 years of his life to make Anthem, lmao

I think I've maybe lost my way a little in recent months.
It's become a system where I work until I'm exhausted and instead of creating lists of what I got done to see the bigger picture and share progress, I stumble to bed annoyed at myself for what I didn't get done or the fact I'm not finished, yet.

As a sort of resolution for the new year I've started breaking my work into smaller chunks and telling myself:

If you can get these couple of trivial tasks done by bedtime, you are allowed to go to sleep and feel happy with yourself.

And what tends to happen is I get done of that little task and I get to go into "overtime", making a start on tomorrow's task. And it feels great, because I'm only doing myself a solid.

This (2) week(s):

>Finished the intro scenario
The short little adventure to get you used to controls and set the scene a little, plays nice.
>Finished the intro cinematic, with its own music, sfx and credit sequence
Runs nicely from the end of the little adventure into the beginning of the first proper level.
>Added in story points to keep the player abreast with what's going on elsewhere on the station

>Fixed a breaking bug in the
>Made part of the secret easier to complete

>Did further work on busts
Made some revisions to busts, because there were a few that were cute, but not really fuckable.
The sort of girl who'd be comfy to have running a shop and getting to know over a long period, but not immediately satisfying, so tried to change that.
Also starting to get a little more adventurous with dithering, lighting etc.

Old | New

>Did full narrative cringe-pass

Sometimes I'll write a line and later in bed or out in the world I'll think about it and realize it's shit.
Fixed all of those so I can sleep. Some of the lines and wording in Lateshifter and the SK demo still make me cringe and I wish I could change them. Next best thing is not doing it again.

Took a full afternoon to make some quality-of-life adjustments to combat, since I've not focused on it in a good while.
>Added weapon tag to UI display name
If you're holding a shoddy spear, a razor-sharp axe or a scoped pistol you should realise without having to open your character sheet
>Added new sfx for some weapons which should have their own.
Spears sounded like bats, whips sounded like swords, now have their own thing going on.
>Added sound effects to the wind-up
Drawing a gun, readying a whip or preparing to punch have their own little whoosh noise to make it more cathartic when you unleash it.
>Balanced levels to better exaggerate difference between light and heavy attacks.
>Give player 0.4 extra moves per enemy in battle

If you have to wait for a lot of enemies to take their turn, I want you to be able to do more in the time you do have control. 5 moves when you're facing 3 enemies can be tacticool, but 5 moves when you're facing 30 enemies = snore and downtimepilled

>Fix enemy interaction priority to resolve a couple of issues
I have a few types of interactive things in the game, so when initially programming the object discovery system, I gave every interactive thing its own priority level, which goes:

0: Door,
1: Quest object / essential NPC,
2: Container,
3: Combatant,
4: Dead combatant with inventory,

5: Dead combatant with empty inventory (Now optionally ignored entirely, see below)

So if you are standing on a dead enemy, you'll get an option to loot it, but if you are standing on a dead enemy while facing a door, you'll always be able to open the door.
In order to loot that enemy you'd have to turn on the spot to not face the door.
One problem I've had with this a while was that in battle, because of the priority list above, you couldn't loot a body at your feet if facing an enemy, so you'd have to turn around to loot something at your feet. Not very intuitive.
So I just quickly reworked the order I process priorities while in battle to 0,1,2,4,3, instead.
The chances to talk to a character mid-battle so far are few and entirely optional little easter eggs, and this doesn't stop it from happening.

>Interaction system ignores dead enemies with empty inventories
As above, I added an option defaulting to ON that lets you ignore empty, dead enemies, because it's not exactly a thrillride to pick through a stack of goblins for a couple of credits when half of them just say "It's empty".
Now once you've taken all their items, normal enemies just act like part of the floor, unless they're quest-npcs-turned-fighters, which are exempt.

Now working on:

>Going through the narrative to make a list of all emotions needed for each character still in need of busts.
>Creating bust variations for all these emotional states


>Finish sex scenes
>Script sound and vibration patterns for each
>Tie up final battle scripting, leading into end cutscenes
>Create ending animation

It's getting to be about that time. Thanks for tuning in bros!

☑ Do your work
☑ Love your work
☑ Love yourself
☑ Make life easier for yourself tomorrow
☑ Thank your agent and your god and fuck off

☑ Make a friend you can talk to about Valhalla

☒ Love jannies
☒ Let sickly internet aristocracy decide what words mean