Saturday, 25 January 2020

Soldier on // Only you can do what must be done //

How's it goin' anon?

Got a few more hours to work than I usually get on a Saturday, so figured why not update today, too.

Other than a few little polish fixes here and there, this time I've been all art, all the time.
48 new 4-frame busts are done and in game and looking pretty good.

I've started allowing myself two or three more colors to create detailed lips, which also work well to antialias skin-color contours. I think it makes all the difference. Obviously I'm still learning, but really enjoying myself.

                     Another 24 or so to do for the last character, then they're done.

And in game:

The only problem I'm having is one of consistency. Some of the busts are largely unchanged since they were done and added to the game back in September or October and it's really difficult to leave them alone when I discover a new technique.
I want to take the time to update the older ones, but if I go back and revise everything, it'll never end, y'know? Maybe I can set aside a little time to touch up the older ones before it goes out, but I don't want to fall into any traps so late in the day.

Open me in a new tab, anon-kun~

Next Up:

Remaining 24 busts for last character.
Remaining sex scene art
Scripting in the sound and vibe-patterns for sex scenes
Finish scripting end battle
End cutscene linking to the next level

Take care you don't get that Coronashit and I'll see you soon.