Sunday, 21 June 2020

End in sight

Fucking tired, lads. It's been a long few weeks, working overtime IRL and trying to keep this on track, and it is absolutely annihilating my gains. But it's gonna be well worth it.

All the art is done and final, all the sex scenes, the portraits.
All the miniatures, the animations, the sound effects.
The intro, the boot screen logo, the cutscenes, the little mini-games and puzzles
The characters, the secrets, the theme tunes, the title screen, the box art,
All the mechanics, the UI, the menus, the options, the tutorial
I've got over an hour of new, all-original music, fourteen new sex scenes, half of which I've never shown to anyone.
The whole first level, and a small setup for the second.

I'm gonna keep working, I'm trying to keep this blog post short so I can get back to it.

The gang's all here

Still to do:
>Program vibration patterns for sex scenes
>Add sound to sex scenes
>Playtest the shit out of the game over and over until I'm utterly numb to any charm it may have

Then it's done. I can't say how long this is going to take, but I'm at least a hundred times as eager to get this done and out than the most fervent coomer-in-wait could ever be.


☑️ fuck jannies
☑️ fuck narrative brain golfers
☑️ invest in popcorn
☑️ give it all you've got
 ever stop
 ever kneel (outside of a pike formation)