Saturday, 14 December 2019

Beginnings and Ends

Ho ho ho, ladmates.

Where the fuck has this year gone?
I'm working on the beginning and end sections to the level, now- a little intro mission as well as the brief cinematics, then I'll be finishing off the undone sex scenes, audio for those and little incidental pieces of music and polish.

If you don't want any more spoilers, please don't scroll down.
Don't you do it.

I mean it, turn back! Save yourself!

Oh, you are incorrigible, anon. Very well, please enjoy the titties you were denied so unfairly, last time, a preview of some new titties, new battle footage and a short clip of music from the beginning of the game. I'll get more to you as soon as I can!

I may have accidentally made this look cooler than the original

Until next time, look after yourself, I love you like a brother, thanks for your support this year!