Tuesday, 18 June 2019


Hey good to see you!

I've been real busy creating rooms, scripting cutscenes and fights, tweaking controls and UI and working on some sound design and music.
All while trying not to burn to death in the summer heat.

This time:

>Overhauled enemy sight / hearing to be more performant and include mutual ally/enemy detection
For a long time, the enemy sight-triggered battles were hard coded to search for the player, and not any player-aligned target (or player-opposed target, for your allies' own searching)
>Changed start-battle rules to be less lenient
>Split up large level into 3 smaller ones, much nicer now.
>Fixed bug where certain dead npcs wouldn't be defined as such
>Added whole new area, with new tileset and enemies

A Titty Temple in a thick, hot jungle. Crawling with tribal Lizard Men who've taken a hot girl hostage for reasons.

>Condensed filter choices down to 3 good ones
No more shitty chromatic abberation and fake scanlines. They were a neat idea, but they made the viewer dizzy and recorded video look bogus

>Overhauled UI to be interchangeable and set automatically by detecting your controller
I added Controller support previously, and I was happy enough to leave it at that, but it bothered me that I couldn't find a good way to show controls, and believe me, I had a bunch of ideas.

A few designs I tried out one afternoon. My favourite was the one in the first 2 rows,
but it was clumsy, either obscuring your vision or the icons.

None of them felt right, they intruded on the play field too much, and even though they could be toggled on and off, it was a poor solution.
I was about ready to give up when I read a thread on /v/ one morning.
OP lost his dominant arm in a hydraulic press accident at work and fucking hell.
I dunno, man. Maybe it was a larp by some journos or reset tourists to get their Sekiro easy mode, but it really got to me. OP lies or not, it's true of some anon out there and I can't imagine how much it must suck balls.

I'd had an idea to make the UI much more adaptable and figured while I was at it, I could throw in some options to allow playing the entire game with one hand, right or left, for guys like my man anon.

I added in options for Xbox, PS4 and Generic (Nintendo) controllers, as the html5 gamepad API told me those 3 cover the vast, vast majority of controllers.

Top to bottom:
Original PC Keyboard UI
Playstation Controller UI
Generic / Nintendo UI
Xbox UI with "Right" Accessibility mode ON
Playstation UI with "Left" Accessibility mode ON

Which leads me to:
>Accessibility Modes
With Left mode on, the face buttons are mapped to the DPAD, so you can play the whole thing with just the left hand.
With Right mode on, the movement is done with the Right analogue stick, so you can play the whole thing with just the right hand.
If god forbid I ever lose a sense, I hope there are games out there for me.
Ah, who am I kidding, I'll probably never go back to playing vidya

>Fixed spotting objects
>Added 8 new areas with stuff to find, people to talk to, things to fight

Added some fun fights and funny dialogue. Next up is an optional sexy scene with a hot space chick.

Thanks very much for reading, I didn't expand as much on each point like I normally do and I've probably forgotten a ton of stuff, since I didn't keep the best notes this time.

We're gettin' there, bros! I can feel it, we're close to finishing this episode up, and I cannot fucken wait!

Since you were good and read this far, please find attached some thick, work-in-progress goblin butt.
Please donate your energy below if you have any to spare, I'm pulling all-nighters lately and could use it!