Thursday, 2 April 2020

40 days in the hole


This is exactly why I didn't want to do cyberpunk anymore. Real life is getting too close to that, already.
Key word there, being "life"; stop saying I'm dead you fucking pricks!!!

I hope you boys are safe and comfy enough. Did you get a few things in?
You seeing shortages of stuff in your area?
I've been in quarantine a few weeks, since a little before it was obligatory, and I'm working from home because that's the sort of white collar, namby-pamby piece of trash I am, now.
But yeah, I'm doing alright.

Regardless, first sign of a coof and I'll put what I have on MEGA with a dead man's trigger post. I did something similar with LS after I nearly got hit by a car.

Don't want to spoil things so close to the end, but I've finished up 3 scenes in the last 3 weeks and have a couple more to go.

Taking a break from art to get the scenario ending tied up until the little outro cutscene, then I'll do the remaining sex scenes, and do soundwork for those;
I've got some great new sound effects in the making. Who knew a half-bottle of laundry detergent could sound so good, bros?

So I've got a good lot of fun things still on my plate, then I'm ready to do a trailer and an OST.

What we're looking at:
2 - 3 hours first playthrough
13 animated sex scenes
1+ hour of original music (close to 2 hour album, with most tracks made to loop having 1 repeat)

Have a listen, I've put together a couple of clips:

This is most representative of the sound.

And here's some fun incidental stuff from throughout the level.

Sadly I'm only slightly less busy working from home than when I have an actual office to go to, but I can ditch work for an hour here and there to animate, which is nice.

That's it, look after yourself, because there's only one of you.
And it'll be a tough sell getting into Valhalla for this.
I mean, technically it's still a weapon, but ehh... I dunno man, play it safe.