Monday, 5 June 2017

New features upcoming + new trailer

Here's a little preview of what I've been up to this week.

I've been working on a new level, complete with new scenery and NPCs.

I've created a couple more H-scenes:

I've also completely reworked the inventory system:

The old system had us cycling held items, then using [SPACE] and just hoping the avatar hands over an item rather than consuming it himself.

Under the new system, we now have:
- 2 way scrolling through items
- Verb system that allows you to Examine, Interact, Take, Move and Use items on your environment.
- Context-sensitive manipulation options available when holding an item.

All using Enter which switches behaviour intelligently, no more multiple buttons and hoping you're in the right place to use items.

Over this next week I'll be working on the primary scenario for this new level, as well as new music and extra menu functionality and accompanying UI. I have an idea for some juice effects that may make H-Scenes more aesthetically pleasing too, so I'll try to make time to work on those, too.

I'm afraid 1.3 itself is a little way off, but I'll try to get something playable out to you before too long.