Sunday, 26 March 2017

Demo Features locked

I feel like I've been almost done for weeks, but every time I get ready to export and package a release I find something I can improve upon. I've drawn a line now and I'll just be fixing any remaining bugs and cutting unfinished content.


The demo is ¬25 to 30 minutes length for first playthrough, consecutive play-throughs or ones that ignore content with the aim of getting specific endings will probably be a lot faster.

4 x Routes, 10 x endings:
No real bad ends included. I figure if I'm trying to show off a new game, it doesn't make sense to make it balls hard and require a restart.

20 x Holograph cards - These are just little scenes unlocked by completing the various routes

3 x Misc. CGs - These are minigame rewards, previewing future heroine characters

3 x Mini Games - Small games to represent office work, hacking and privacy assurance.
The first two are skippable, to progress the narrative if you don't mind losing CGs or access to certain story content, respectively. The system is now in place to create many "levels" for each of these games in future.

8 x Hentai scenes, animated with full audio and variations. In one case, as proof of concept, multiple stages / angles, each with unique climaxes (so, technically 13 scenes in all).



1 tiny demo of another game in the same style, just a different setting,
(Unsure if this will even be expanded on, it's just included as an example of work I can do in a single day now that the framework is in place.)
As much as I enjoy the Lateshifter setting, it's fun to do sci-fi or fantasy or whatever now and again.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Demo news


So yeah, February 28th came and went and there's no demo out, which I agree is both bogus and sad.
I'm working a lot of extra hours IRL right now, so I wasn't able to hit my deadlines.
I took some days off to catch up, and am working very hard to get it done.

I'm acting as if once the demo is out I can sit back or something, but if anything that's when everything will properly start. Maybe if I make a good enough impression I can get some of those Patreon bux and work on stuff like this full time. A guy can dream.

Not going to set a hard demo date, since that didn't work out before and I don't want to be yet another 1ma developer who can't manage the project sufficiently. I would hope to have it public-ready in the next week.


There are a few great things about being a one-person dev team that aren't appreciated enough.
I have complete ownership of every asset, I have total art, tech and narrative direction control and if I ever get burned out on one area, I just switch to another.

If I can't get peace to write stuff I can just put on some music and draw.
If I've been pixeling too long and my eyes hurt, I can just write dialogue or music.

The downside is that a lesser man might get caught up in unimportant tasks, the polish or UX tweaks, choreography to match up sound to video more accurately or small improvements to art or script refactoring; and never actually finish the actual game, but I'm pretty good at prioritizing, so it's working so far.


  • Added a mini-game where previously a line of text existed.
  • Added holographic, commemorative 'conquest cards' for completion of main hentai scenes.
  • Added animations for some small actions
  • Created a portrait system far better than the mock up from a few weeks back.
  • Expanded gameworld lore, conversations (will need multiple playthroughs to see all dialogue if that's your thing.
  • Added 2 new H-scene variations to give the player more choice of outcomes (hurr)

Today & Tomorrow:
  • Completing dialogue, still two large chunks have placeholder conversations needing expounding
  • Completing the outro scripts and rewards for the different endings (7 endings depending on player actions (no Todd Howard, either, actually 7 different outros))
  • Finishing NPCs and giving them a place and purpose in the world
  • Lots and lots of testing


I take a proactive attitude toward bugs, and I like every individual piece to be solid before moving on. This has increased the QA overhead in general, but it's going to be far less likely to be embarrassing this way. I play through at least 3 times a day just looking for small bugs to fix, and write them down with priorities. It's my goal that nobody finds anything placeholder or breaks the flow, even on the first demo.