Saturday, 18 February 2017

Demo Date

Working on completing the demo script, leaving placeholder images or dialogue until later.
By the end of today I should have the bare bones of it complete, then a week of tweaking, bug-fixing and adding juice.

This hasn't been the most productive week had due to IRL concerns.
We're going to make up for that in spades this weekend.

Initial Demo Date: 28th February lel, date slipped. Trying very hard to get something out now.
If there is a date-slip, it'll be minimal and in the interests of stability and polish.

Call me whatever you like: Players may name the demo heroine


Added a mini-game where previously a simple A/B choice existed.
Added some extra CGs for hunters
Added a fade in and out when hidden areas are revealed.
Added some tweaks to make the computer interaction feel more like a utilitarian OS.
Added new music to the intro
Added ability to name the character and demo heroine (above), as well as a choice of defaults.


Today & Tomorrow:
Completing script so that the entire demo can be started, played & completed.
Re-doing many animations to be clearer and higher resolution
[?] Adding a limited 'hint' system for finding extra content based on your place in the story script
[?] MSG Tweaks to existing music
[?] Add basic player model options
[?] Begin optional path to add more H-content before Demo day (as far as possible without succumbing to feature creep)

Saturday, 11 February 2017


Setting expounding:

I don't like a lot of exposition in my hentai, but I recognize its usefulness in selling you on a world.
A little context helps me root for the pixel dick, but a lot feels like a lecture you have to sit through before the bit you came here for, so I'm trying to ride a fine line.
I want the universe to feel distinct but internally consistent and un-alien.


On Future-Earth, automation has not been realized. Industrial giants hire masses of young and hopeless for mere days or weeks in low-skilled, dead-end tech jobs and grade them entirely by a numeric value of work completed against the company expectancy.

Without an education, the prospects of many depend entirely on this average of their output.
If you work a 0.9, you'll be terminated and spend two weeks cleaning streets to gain back that 1.0 base.
If you keep your head down and maintain output above 1.2, you'll be left alone.

These hopeless young spend their lives waiting in cramped apartments or rented cubicles at Cafés.
Unable to travel freely, they are confined to Mega Cities, commonly falling into casual substance abuse to wake around ever-changing contracts.

There's a degree on anonymity inherent to not mattering, however, and an adapted comfort to be found in landing an uncommonly low-expectation job for a few weeks.

Top it off with a nightcap of Crystal Dream, you'll feel damn-near human.


Recent juice added:
Any time I get burned out on a particular bit of work, I like to treat myself by juicing up an existing feature. Yesterday I added equipped items to the player model, so he'll now hold things currently in hand.

To do:
Working on the main story thread and any tutorials that can be added in seamlessly enough.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Demo Progress

Working on a Demo
I'm trying really hard to get something ready for the end of this month, a first playable demo and tutorial to introduce a player to the main mechanics and features.

Conversation overhaul
I've added portraits to conversations as a test, to add some life to the exchanges.
They're not the main focus of the game, but I think they deserve a little attention and care.
Right now working on some mock-up backgrounds in case I want to go full visual novel with these.

Conversation mockups using new portraits.
Latest Lewds
Another lewd. I think this is the last teaser I'll do with scanlines emulated.
I'll instead try to make scanlines an optional global feature you can turn on and off.
Lateshifter [Oko, 2017]

Introduction to Lateshifter


In this game as it currently exists, you play a perverted salaryman in an archetypal office, whose goal is to have sex with co-workers.

That's it. No crystal shards or gape statistics, just light story and puzzle solving to set up scenarios for the player to do lewd stuff.

  • Isometric wandering and character interaction with minor puzzle solving
  • One-handed H-gameplay of gauge-building and scene-switching with push-of-a-button climax.

Style / Influence

The Hentai scenes take a rotoscope style that was briefly popular in videogames of the late 80s and early 90s and combine with the interactive, animated hentai scenes of games from the mid-2000s.

Flashback [Delphine, 1992]
Hard Love Life [Slave, 2004]


Lateshifter [Oko, 2017]
The scenes are not censored since this is being developed in the West, and at present features comparatively vanilla content, plus:
  • Paizuri
  • Anal
  • Voyeur
  • Sharking
  • Chikan / Chijo